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IH N630RL (UV1405)

1 Miles

IH J220 (UV1407)

12,000 Miles 12/2010

IH N630RL (UV1528) SOLD!

5,450 Miles 06/2016

IH N630RL (UV1526) SOLD!!

A brilliant example of a IH Motorhome Packed with lots of extras.
15,000 Miles 09/2016

IH 630 RD (UV1402)

Very good condition 2 berth Ih Motorhome.
16,800 Miles 01/2015

IH N630SL (UV1426) SOLD

A truly lovely vehicle with the added benefit of a slide out side pod which almost doubles the floor space in the front seating area.
10,000 Miles 10/2014

IH 630RL (UV1525) SOLD!

Another fine example of a IH Motorhome, with oak furniture and half leather interior.
17,300 Miles

IH Tio R (UV1523) SOLD!!

This wonderful 2 berth IH motorhome is stacked with extras and upgrades, as well as the usual luxury expected of an IH motorhome.
47,000 Miles 03/2009