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IH600RL/RD (JN6088)

The latest addition to the ever popular IH Range. This stunning Golden White, 6m Fiat Ducato provides you with the luxury of Rear Lounge Living.


IH N630RL (UV1526)

A brilliant example of a IH Motorhome Packed with lots of extras.
15,000 Miles 09/2016

IH 630 RL (UV1424)

An exceptional example of IH Motorhome that has been lovingly cared for.
15,000 Miles 06/2015

IH 600RD (JN7017) [SOLD]

The 600 RD is based on our highly popular compact two berth, end lounge layout, with a well-planned kitchen and washroom located mid-vehicle.

IH 600CRD (JN8001)

Our new 6m Crafter based motorhome is shown here in a Bright Orange with Black and silver Alloys which is sure to turn heads.

IH 630RD (JN7031)

Our highly popular 6.3m FIAT Ducato Maxi, provides Motorhomers with the luxury of Space and Comfort.

IH 680CRD (JN8008)

In this beautiful Indium Grey VW, with a spacious rear lounge, central kitchen and a fully equipped washroom, you'll have all the luxury you'll need.


IH 630FL (JN6075) [SOLD]

This 630FL looks stunning. It is finished in Silver metallic paint, has a 180Bhp Euro 6 engine which delivers power and economy.

IH 680CRL (JN8012)

This beautifully crafted VW, provides our highly popular Rear Lounge with the IH Signature fixed Rear Panel.

IH TIO R (UV1429)

A well loved and cared for example of an IH 2 berth panel van.
40,000 Miles 01/2007

IH Tio R (UV1430) [SOLD]

A lovely well cared for example of one of our earlier 2 berth conversions.
41,000 Miles 08/2007

IH 630 RD (UV1402)

Very good condition 2 berth Ih Motorhome.
15,655 Miles 01/2015

IH N630SL (UV1426)

A truly lovely vehicle with the added benefit of a slide out side pod which almost doubles the floor space in the front seating area.
9,500 Miles 10/2014

IH 630RL (UV1525)

Another fine example of a IH Motorhome, with oak furniture and half leather interior.
17,300 Miles

IH Irmao Grande (UV1524)

A wonderful 2 berth motorhome with super low mileage. Having covered only 8,500 miles.
8,500 Miles 09/2011

IH Tio R (UV1384) [SOLD]

Finished in Golden White this 3.0l Manual is a gem.
33,000 Miles 06/2008

IH Tio R (UV1523)

This wonderful 2 berth IH motorhome is stacked with extras and upgrades, as well as the usual luxury expected of an IH motorhome.
47,000 Miles 03/2009

IH 600 RL (UV1421) [SOLD STC]

Your chance to buy a low mileage, not even a year old, Fully loaded and ever popular rear lounge IH 600 RL.
4,600 Miles 03/2018

IH Oregon R (UV1388) [SOLD STC]

Increasingly popular with those who take their dogs away with them due to the maximised floor space, this vehicle will be indemand. Be quick!
29,431 Miles 06/2010

IH Oregon RL (UV1383) [SOLD STC]

A fabulous example of IH's open and spacious front lounge model.
34,000 Miles 03/2010

IH Tio RL (UV1522) [SOLD STC]

A lovely motorhome in golden white on a maxi chassis.
21,000 Miles 06/2012