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Swift Hi Style (UV1438)

Lovely motor home for those looking for space and luxury. Double fixed bed to the rear with privacy curtain and spacious integrated bathroom.
23,000 Miles 03/2012

IH 630RL/RD (JN7035)

This two berth motorhome in Ducato White with colour-coded fixed rear panel is built on a maxi chassis. Will provide you with all the luxury you'll need, wherever you are in the world.
0 Miles

IH N630RL (JN7028)

This stunning N-Class offers motorhomers a luxury two Berth Rear Lounge Layout, with fixed Hartal Door in replacement of the Sliding Door.
0 Miles

IH 630 RL (UV1424)

An exceptional example of IH Motorhome that has been lovingly cared for.
15,000 Miles 06/2015

IH 600RD (JN7017)

The 600 RD is based on our highly popular compact two berth, end lounge layout, with a well-planned kitchen and washroom located mid-vehicle.
0 Miles

IH 600CRD (JN8001)

Our new 6m Crafter based motorhome is shown here in a Bright Orange with Black and silver Alloys which is sure to turn heads.
0 Miles

IH 630FL (JN7006)

The luxury of Front Lounge Living, is opening the Sliding Door and taking in your Morning and Evening view.
0 Miles

IH 630RD (JN7031)

Our highly popular 6.3m FIAT Ducato Maxi, provides Motorhomers with the luxury of Space and Comfort.
0 Miles

IH 680CRD (JN8008)

In this beautiful Indium Grey VW, with a spacious rear lounge, central kitchen and a fully equipped washroom, you'll have all the luxury you'll need.
0 Miles

IH 600CRD (JN8010)

This VW Motorhome comes with Rear Door access, which has been beautifully crafted by IH Motorhomes.
0 Miles

IH 630FL (JN6075)

This 630FL looks stunning. It is finished in Silver metallic paint, has a 180Bhp Euro 6 engine which delivers power and economy.
0 Miles

IH 680CRL (JN8012)

This beautifully crafted VW, provides our highly popular Rear Lounge with the IH Signature fixed Rear Panel.
0 Miles

IH TIO R (UV1429)

A well loved and cared for example of an IH 2 berth panel van.
40,000 Miles 01/2007

IH Tio R (UV1430)

A lovely well cared for example of one of our earlier 2 berth conversions.
41,000 Miles 08/2007

Hymer 678 (UV1420)

If you're looking for an amazing motorhome that makes you say "wow!" this 4 berth is the one for you.
26,544 Miles 08/2014

IH 630 RD (UV1402)

Very good condition 2 berth Ih Motorhome.
15,655 Miles 01/2015

Auto-Trail Savannah (UV1410)

Very spacious 4 berth perfect for travelling with family and friends.
19,200 Miles 06/2012

IH N630SL (UV1426)

A truly lovely vehicle with the added benefit of a slide out side pod which almost doubles the floor space in the front seating area.
9,500 Miles 10/2014

Chausson Welcome 718EB (UV1416)

Details to be confirmed.
15,500 Miles 05/2015

Autosleeper Warwick Duo (UV1408)

An excellent example, this very popular rear lounge, 2 berth Auto-Sleeper is a credit to its previous owner.
22,900 Miles 03/2016

Pilote Pacific 650c (UV1413) [SOLD]

This 3 berth Pilote Pacific is the hight of luxury, with it's Brown and Cream leather interior and swivel cab seat.
9,000 Miles 03/2016

IH 630RL (UV1525)

Another fine example of a IH Motorhome, with oak furniture and half leather interior.
17,300 Miles

Hymer Yellowstone (UV1425)

A compact yet fully fully equipped 4 berth, 4 travel seats panel van.
2,500 Miles 09/2017

Autosleeper Warwick Duo (UV1374) [SOLD]

A fabulous low mileage motorhome with all the mod cons.
24,500 Miles 03/2012

IH Irmao Grande (UV1524)

A wonderful 2 berth motorhome with super low mileage. Having covered only 8,500 miles.
8,500 Miles 09/2011

IH 600 RL (UV1421) [SOLD STC]

Your chance to buy a low mileage, not even a year old, Fully loaded and ever popular rear lounge IH 600 RL.
4,600 Miles 03/2018

IH Tio R (UV1384) [SOLD]

Finished in Golden White this 3.0l Manual is a gem.
33,000 Miles 06/2008

IH Savannah Tio R (UV1397)

At under 6m, the rear lounge converts to an ample double bed.
50,000 Miles 01/2005

Bessacarr 464 (UV1399)

A beautiful 4 berth rear lounge motorhome with 2 additional rear belted travel seats.
15,800 Miles 11/2013

IH N630RL (JN7021) [SOLD]

A luxury 2 berth motorhome in Silver with an extensive list of upgrades.
0 Miles