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IH 630RL/RD (JN7035)

This two berth motorhome in Ducato White with colour-coded fixed rear panel is built on a maxi chassis. Will provide you with all the luxury you'll need, wherever you are in the world.

IH N630RL (JN7028)

This stunning N-Class offers motorhomers a luxury two Berth Rear Lounge Layout, with fixed Hartal Door in replacement of the Sliding Door.

IH 600RD (JN7017)

The 600 RD is based on our highly popular compact two berth, end lounge layout, with a well-planned kitchen and washroom located mid-vehicle.

IH 600CRD (JN8001)

Our new 6m Crafter based motorhome is shown here in a Bright Orange with Black and silver Alloys which is sure to turn heads.

IH 630FL (JN7006)

The luxury of Front Lounge Living, is opening the Sliding Door and taking in your Morning and Evening view.

IH 630RD (JN7031)

Our highly popular 6.3m FIAT Ducato Maxi, provides Motorhomers with the luxury of Space and Comfort.

IH 680CRD (JN8008)

In this beautiful Indium Grey VW, with a spacious rear lounge, central kitchen and a fully equipped washroom, you'll have all the luxury you'll need.

IH 600CRD (JN8010)

This VW Motorhome comes with Rear Door access, which has been beautifully crafted by IH Motorhomes.

IH 630FL (JN6075)

This 630FL looks stunning. It is finished in Silver metallic paint, has a 180Bhp Euro 6 engine which delivers power and economy.

IH 680CRL (JN8012)

This beautifully crafted VW, provides our highly popular Rear Lounge with the IH Signature fixed Rear Panel.

IH N630RL (JN7021) [SOLD]

A luxury 2 berth motorhome in Silver with an extensive list of upgrades.
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