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One owner vehicle in immaculate condition throughout.
6,300 Miles 08/2016


A much sought after vehicle that will not be with us for long.
24,500 Miles 03/2013

Auto-Trail Tribute T669 (UV1340) [SOLD]

This is a bargain not to be missed.
1,531 Miles 11/2017

Autocruise Accent (UV1342)

This is a compact but spacious two berth, with 4 travel seats including the driver. The travel seats quickly convert to a third berth.
19,700 Miles 01/2014

IH 600 RD (JN7012)

Our 6 metre rear lounge comes with all the luxury you expect from IH.
0 Miles

IH 540RD (JN6062)

The 540RL Packs in all the refinement of it's popular bigger sibling the 600RL whilst sacrificing none of it's charm.
0 Miles

IH 600FL/RD (JN7002)

A full size front lounge layout and L-shaped settee as featured in our larger front lounge models, whilst still managing to squeeze in a generous shower room.
0 Miles

IH 600RL Sport (JN7013)

This is a special one-off ‘Sport’ version with a higher spec interior, including specially designed upholstery – photos to come very soon!! (Price dependent on final specification)
0 Miles

IH 630 RD (JN7001) [SOLD]

This vehicle features our most popular layout. The large rear lounge easily makes 2 single beds or a large double.
0 Miles

IH 600 RD (JN7003) [SOLD]

Our 6 metre rear lounge comes with all the luxury you expect from IH.
0 Miles

Elddis Prestige 115 (UV1341) [SOLD]

If you're looking for a compact 2 berth coachbuilt motorhome, then look no further.
11,500 Miles 09/2012

IH 630 RL (UV1335) [SOLD]

A fully loaded IH 630 RL finished in slate grey. Externally, a colour coded awning compliments the van perfectly.
9,700 Miles 09/2014

Bailey Approach 625 (UV1330) [SOLD]

This is a spacious two berth motorhome benefiting from extras such as a bike rack,towbar,solar panel and a Cat 1 alarm.
16,300 Miles 06/2013

IH 600RL (6053) [SOLD]

Another example of our popular rear lounge, in golden white, with the larger 180 power unit.
0 Miles

IH 600RD (6056) [SOLD]

This ever popular 6 metre compact motorhome is available for immediate delivery.
0 Miles 10/2017

IH 630FL (6028) [SOLD]

This IH 630FL has a large front lounge finished with half leather upholstery, gloss stone grey doors over brown casio furniture.
0 Miles

IH 600 RL (6087) [SOLD]

This ever popular 6 metre panel van is available for early delivery.
0 Miles

IH 630RL (UV1511)

This one owner vehicle is a credit to its previous owner. Finished in lime stripe upholstery with silver furniture and fully equipped.

10,500 Miles 09/2015

Autocruise Stardream (UV1309) [SOLD]

This well presented pre-owned Stardream is a gem. It is fully specced including a satelite dish, solar panel, towbar, bike rack and safari room.

23,898 Miles 01/2010